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When extra cleaning help is needed, you shouldn’t have to micromanage or worry about the help you’ve paid for to get the job done. Since 1989 Clean Des Moines has provided Iowa businesses with dependable cleaning, so they’ll never have to hire another cleaning company ever again.

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At Clean Des Moines, we know you want to be known as a responsible leader who sets high standards for cleanliness for your company. In order to do that, you need reliable and trustworthy cleaning help. We get it; keeping your workplace clean can feel like a never-ending struggle, making you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. And we think when you do require hiring extra help, you shouldn’t have to micromanage the cleaning company you’ve hired or worry about the job getting done.

We understand the success of your business relies directly on the level of cleanliness it maintains. Which is why, since 1989, we’ve helped hundreds of business leaders like you feel confident in choosing a cleaning partner. Helping them to create a remarkable first impression and experience the positive effects, for your employees and customers, that a clean environment can bring.

Here’s how you can experience stress-free cleaning.

Step 1: Schedule a Free Consultation with Kent – Choose a convenient time to meet with our owner Kent Sorenson. He will visit your location, do a complete walkthrough to assess your cleaning needs and then provide you with a professional cleaning plan and estimate. 

Step 2: We take care of the cleaning for you – Stop worrying or micromanaging and know you can rely on our experienced and dependable team of cleaners to make your business shine.

Step 3: Experience inspiring cleaning that makes your business shine – Imagine the relief of knowing your business is clean, and you’ll never need to hire another cleaning service again.

So, schedule a time to meet with Kent and, in the meantime, (Transitional Call To Action), so you can stop stressing about keeping your business clean and instead enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll never have to hire another cleaning service again.

Imagine never having to search for another cleaning company
ever again.

Break the cycle of broken promises.