We Will Win This Fight Together.

As we all come to grips in dealing with the Covid-19 Virus

we want you to know that Clean Des Moines is here to help you.

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Flexible Plans


Total Disinfection


Local Customer Support

Unsure of what tomorrow may bring.

Government mandates to stop public gatherings.     

Dealing with an uncertain future.

No one should lose business because of an unseen virus. 

Cleaning Services


Dealing With The Fallout Of Covid-19.

The Glass, Is It Half-Empty Or Is It Half-Full?

In any time of crisis there are two groups of business owners. The first group, with good reason, retreats to “bunker down” and play it safe, while hoping for a better day to come. 

The second group, those who are determined, regardless of current circumstances, who take each day in stride, ready to pivot and seize any opportunity presented, to maintain or even maybe grow their business in this time of uncertainty.

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The Second Group

We at Clean Des Moines believe you should join us in this second group

Although for some, this might seem like the “end of the world.” The reality is, although it is a BIG disturbance in the market, what we are experiencing is actually just a short-term preventative measure that will actually protect us from an “end of the world” experience.  End of the world experiences are permanent and lasting, as a short-term preventative measure is just as it is called, short term. Meaning this too shall pass. 

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Planning For The Future In Times Of Uncertainty

Although you can’t predict what will happen in the future, you can take action within our current circumstances to benefit your business for the future.

For example, as the owner of a restaurant or a bar, for the first time in our lifetime there is actually a short-term government mandate prohibiting public gatherings of 10 or more people, preventing you from having customers in your business.  Bad right? The key word here is short-term. So knowing that this is going to be a short-term reality, what opportunities does it present to you to NOT have customers in your business? What areas of your business have you not been able to work on, organize, or clean because you haven’t had this window of opportunity.  

Here’s the reality, we as Americans and as Iowans are resilient.  We fight. We struggle. And we win. WE WILL WIN against this current struggle, and we will win against the next, whatever it may be. 

The Flood Of 2020

As soon as these restrictions have been lifted, and you know they will be, customers will come flooding back into your place of business. Because, as I said before, we are resilient, but mostly because we’re stubborn. Tell us we can’t meet together, and that only makes us crave relationship and togetherness all the more.   So you know as soon as the restrictions are lifted, everyone who has the resources will be out celebrating in your restaurants and making toasts in your bars.  

So the question is, what can you do today to prepare for the flood of customers that will eventually be coming into your place of business?  

cleaning services

Clean Des Moines

You can trust us when we say we know how you are feeling. As a business we’ve navigated these waters before.

For the past 30 years Clean Des Moines has served the Des Moines area, and throughout those 30 plus years we have survived two recessions, the 93 floods, the tragic events during and after that of 9/11, and we are with you in these uncertain times today. 


Your Next Steps To Seize The Future



1. Give Us A Call

Give us a call and ask for Kent. He will be more than happy to help you with whatever your needs may be.


2. We Will Come To Your Location

Kent will then arrange a time to come to your location and see first hand what you need cleaned.


3. Our Experienced Team Will Clean

Our experienced and professional team will clean and fully diseninfect your work area.

Kent, Your Cleaning Guide

We Can Help You Prepare For Future Business.

Seize This Opportunity To Clean The Areas You Couldn’t Focus On Before.


Deep Cleaning For Kitchens

Use this opportunity to move your kitchen equipment out and give your work area a deep cleaning.


Degrease Restaurant Equipment

Give your equipment the deep cleaning it’s been needing.


Floors, Carpets & Tile Cleaning

Time of low traffic within your place of business is the perfect time to clean those areas that haven’t gotten much attention.


Tile Floors & Hard Surfaces

Impress your customers when they find your  tile and hard surfaces shine!


Degreasing Walls

Now is the perfect time to remove equipment and deep clean your workspace. Both inside walls and outside walls.


Power Wash Your Garbage Dumpsters

Spare your customers the smell of a lifetime and use this downtime to make the world a better place.


Power Wash Your Outside Area

Now that spring is on its way, it’s a perfect time to give your exterior area a deep clean as well. This is especially true if you have “pivoted” and are now utilizing a drive through to make food available to your customers.


Tile & Grout Restoration

As you can imagine there is never a good time to restore your tile and grout, until now.

If you have a cleaning job not mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Our goal at Clean Des Moines is to serve you.  If you have a job or an area that we didn’t mention above please contact us and we will work our hardest to help you get it clean.

Read What Customers Have To Say


I’ve been using Clean Des Moines to clean the branch office for years and have had a very positive experience. They pay close attention to details and are responsive to our requests. The management team performs periodic inspections to meet their high standards. Feedback is requested to ensure great service. I would highly recommend Clean Des Moines services to any business.

Saundra Miller

Vice President & Consumer Services Manager , Bankers Trust North Branch

We have been hearing lots of compliments about the new cleaning staff! People are noticing that they are doing a great job. Please pass on the message for me that they are rock stars and we appreciate the attention to detail.
Eric Tolle

General Manager, Aspen Athletic Clubs -Ankeny