We have found ourselves living through some very troubling times. I am confident I do not need to explain to anyone what I am talking about. When we feel alone or hopeless we need to keep in mind that we are all dealing with this pandemic together.
Here at Clean Des Moines we are taking this situation very seriously.  We are in close contact with our Chemical vendors to ensure our supply chain is safe and in stock as to not have any services disrupted. We have also ensured all our chemicals are rated to combat the Human Coronavirus. We are ready and equipped to do our part to ensure that your space is clean and germ-free when we leave.
To slow the spread of this pandemic we are asking all our customers to be diligent with hand washings, general cleanliness and encourage any staff that becomes ill to seek medical attention. We also ask that you notify us so we are able to come in and spend extra attention in their workspace. Many of our customers are choosing to step up their number of services to assist in combating this virus. If this is an option you would like to look into please reach out to our office and we will work with you to meet your needs.
While we all navigate these waters please let us be a resource to you. If you find yourself looking for supplies or additional services to keep your space clean and your employees healthy reach out to us and let us assist you.
Once again, we are all in this together.
The Clean Des Moines Staff.
Select The Link To Download This PDF from Osha titled –  For Guidance On Preparing Workplaces For Covid 19